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We sell a range of green, ethical and eco-friendly products which we use ourselves as independent distributors for Wikaniko (We Can Eco).

Like us, you have stumbled across a company whose ideology is to make the world a greener and better place.

Wikaniko is the most innovative and creative eco friendly business in the UK today, who are helping everyone make small steps in a quest to be something bigger, while receiving support and encouragement from other like-minded environmentally responsible people.

It’s also a bonus to be able to buy eco-friendly and environmentally responsible products at wholesale prices.

But we need more volunteers, (no we don’t mean conscripts either!). We don’t ram ‘green’ down your throat at every opportunity, just to scare or guilt you, but instead through the education process, we supply the information, along with explanation as a team, who hope to help people to improve their lives and their outlook on the environment.

The people behind Wikaniko feel that everyone would like to be a little more environmentally friendly, but many people just don’t know where to start. The thought of changing habits, changing the products we use and changing our lifestyle can seem rather like trying to climb a mountain.

But it need not be that way…

Wikaniko is an incredible green journey. The Wikaniko website is your gateway to a myriad of resources, articles, tips, ideas, games, etc. Designed to help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your spending as you go greener.

You’ll find some great ideas and incredible insights as to what is happening to our world today. Hopefully you will stretch your housekeeping money a little further too.

So join us and sign up to go greener, little by little, step by step and over a period of time, we can all make a difference to the environment.

Neither should it cost the earth to go greener, but it will literally cost us the earth if we don’t!

If you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with us today.


Andrew Crawford
Independent Distributor for Wikaniko Ltd


support AT DOT uk

01354 661511 / 07870 274520

PO Box 66
PE15 8XP